Federal, State and Local Civilian Personnel Policy

Our civilian and military personnel policy experts have more than 75 combined years of experience on both sides of the personnel policy equation: supporting the development, implementation, audit and defense of those policies on the employer side; and, working with employees to safeguard protections for discrimination, retaliation, workplace safety, and health issues, among others. MNB Meridian Defense also has more than 75 combined years of developing and implementing military personnel policies for the recruiting, training, promoting, rewarding and punishing, retaining, and terminating military personnel in the military services, on the Joint Staff, and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance

Using CMMI© and ISO© principles combined with PMI© methodology, MNB Meridian Defense, Ltd. ensures its clients are complying with federal, state and local statute and regulation. More importantly, we work with companies to certify that our Clients are meeting their own internal policies and procedures. Our proprietary audit and risk management methodologies and assessment techniques safeguard against legal liability, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Managed Legal Services

MNB Meridian Defense, Ltd. provides a curated coalition of outsourced attorney, paralegal, eDiscovery, and legal technology experts to organizations needing temporary, or semi-permanent assistance with litigation preparation, routine in-house matters, or short and long-term legal projects. Our expertise is grounded in more than 75-years of experience in the private and public sectors, and as active-duty and reserve military judge advocates handling matters from transactions to securities to tax to corporate to personal injury to federal regulatory law, and matters that appeared on the front-page of major national publications.

Legal Information and Knowledge Management

Our legal information and knowledge management professionals have been designated as Certified Knowledge Managers (CKM) and/or Master Certified Knowledge Managers (MCKM) by the International Knowledge Management Institute (KMI), the #1 global provider of Knowledge Management Certification. Utilizing industry best known practices and personal experience in both the private sector and the federal government, our KM professionals will help your organization more efficiently and effectively capture, share and use information and knowledge by focusing on the collective knowledge of its people, processes, technology, structure and culture.

Program and Project Management

Our program and project managers are unique. There is no “MNB Meridian way.” We do not bring black box solutions and attempt to shoehorn our solutions into our client’s work processes. MNB Meridian Defense prides itself on its ability to understand our clients’ culture, work processes, and goals, and by using PMI, Agile, Kanban, IILPM, etc. principles, techniques, and methodologies, we develop unique and client-specific program management solutions that morph to meet your goals, not ours.

Legal Project and Legal Process Improvement

Our legal project and process improvement experts have been designated Legal Project (LPP) and Legal Process Improvement (LPIP) Professionals by the leading global accreditation body, the International Institute of Legal Project Management. As accredited legal project managers, and with our help, our Clients seek to improve their margins and profitability while avoiding malpractice issues. Our experts support in-house counsel, law firms, and others who seek to improve the routine practices of the practice of law, without impinging on the “art.”

Continuing Legal and Professional Education

MNB Meridian Defense, Ltd. provides continuing legal education for attorneys and professional development education for small to mid-sized businesses and law firms. Our continuing legal education instructors are attorneys and legal experts who focus on emerging and boutique areas of the law. Our professional education providers are subject matter experts in their fields and provide practical common-sense instruction on establishing good business and project management practices that work toward financial growth, stability, and profitability.

National Security Consulting

Our National Security and Clearances Practice specialists, in coordination with our affiliated National Security attorneys, focus on the entire cleared enterprise – from obtaining personnel security clearances to facility clearances to addressing, when necessary, foreign ownership, control, or influence issues in cleared organizations and those facing mergers and acquisitions or hiring foreign nationals in “C-suite” positions.